5 Benefits of IPE Wood Decking

Are you working on a new deck? If so, you may be looking for quality IPE wood decking. The beauty of this decking is that it can stand the test of time. Most people don’t have to replace it during their lifetime. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the common benefits of IPE wood decking. Read on to find out more.

1. Rot Resistant

IPE wood is found in the rainforest. Therefore, the trees in these forests contain natural oils and dense fibers. This is the reason this type of wood is resistant to fungi and molds. One of the most common problems faced by owners is wood rot.

Wood rot can cost you thousands of dollars as you will have to pay for the wood replacement. The good news is that you won’t face this problem if you go for this type of wood. As a matter of fact, if you take care of it, it may last forever.

2. Insect Resistant

Another benefit of this type of wood decking is that it is resistant to different types of insects. Since these types of trees are found in an environment that is full of a wide variety of insects, the fibers of these trees are resistant to insects. Therefore, you don’t need to invest any money or time in order to make your deck insect proof. Again, this can save you tons of money.

3. Amazing Heat Dispersion

Unlike plastic or composite, IPE wood can disperse heat in order to maintain the temperature of your deck. IPE offers a low rate of heat retention. As a result, the wood can disperse the heat of the sun in an effective way. If you build your deck in a way that there is some space between the ground and the deck, it can help boost the heat dispersion. This will keep your deck cool even in the intense heat of summer.

4. Sturdy and Stylish

When it comes to buying wood for your home projects, you may have to choose between fashion or function. But this is not the case with IPE wood. The good news is that this type of wood is beautiful and durable at the same time. So, you can get the most of both worlds. The wood offers uniform and smooth texture with fine grains.

5. Fire Resistant

Based on which part of the country you live in, you may be at a higher risk of fire. Building a deck on your property may put you at a higher risk of fire. Therefore, you may want to go for a material that can reduce your chances of facing a fire. The good thing about IPE wood decking is that it is also fire resistant.

Long story short, this was a description of five common benefits of IPE wood decking. If you are looking to add a deck to your house, we suggest that you try out this wood type and you won’t regret your decision.